Be Prepared: How to Manually Open Your Garage Door When Power Is Out

Imagine coming home during a power outage, and you find yourself unable to open your garage door. It’s a common scenario, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can manually open your garage door without relying on electricity. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to manually open your garage door when the power is out, ensuring you’re never stuck outside or inside your garage.

How To Manually Open Garage Door When Power Is Out

The Importance of Knowing How to Manually Open Your Garage Door

Before we dive into the process, let’s discuss why it’s crucial to understand how to manually operate your garage door. Garage door openers rely on electrical power to function, and power outages can occur unexpectedly due to various reasons, including severe weather, electrical issues, or maintenance. When your garage door opener is inoperable, knowing how to manually open the door ensures that you can access your garage or secure it even during power outages.

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Locating the Emergency Release Cord

One of the essential components in manually operating a garage door is the emergency release cord. This cord is usually red and hangs from the garage door opener rail. Its purpose is to disengage the door from the opener, allowing you to lift it manually.

Preparing to Release the Door

Before you proceed, ensure that your garage door is fully closed. Disconnect the power cord of the garage door opener to prevent it from accidentally activating when you manually release the door.

Releasing the Garage Door

  1. Pull the Emergency Release Cord:Grasp the emergency release cord’s handle and pull it down and towards the garage door. This action disengages the door from the opener. You will feel minimal resistance as the door becomes free from the opener’s attachment.
  2. Lift the Garage Door:With the door disconnected from the opener, you can now lift it manually. Depending on the door’s size and weight, this may require some effort. Be cautious, as garage doors can be quite heavy, and it’s advisable to have a helper if needed.
  3. Lock the Door in Place:If you want to keep the garage door open, consider using a locking mechanism, such as a vice grip or a c-clamp, to secure the door in an open position. This step is especially important if you need to enter or exit your garage repeatedly.
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Reconnecting the Garage Door Opener

Once the power is restored, or you’re ready to return to automated operation, follow these steps to reconnect your garage door to the opener:

  1. Ensure the garage door is fully closed.
  2. Reattach the emergency release cord to the lever or carriage that connects the door to the opener.
  3. Reconnect the power cord to the garage door opener.


Knowing how to manually open your garage door when the power is out is a valuable skill for any homeowner. Locate the emergency release cord, lift the door safely, and secure it to navigate power outages without inconvenience. Be sure to practice these steps so that you’re prepared for any situation and can maintain access to your garage, even when the power is out.

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